Bookmaker Bonuses

No matter how much the online sports betting industry changes, one tried-and-true method of promoting online bookmakers has stayed on top: bookmaker bonuses.

Nothing can make you stop weighing your options and decide to finally commit to a new site like an attractive betting site signup bonus. And there’s just something about hearing the word “free bet” that makes every punter instantly interested.

And with dozens of excellent bookies out there, the competition on who’s going to entice new users to join the flock has never been bigger. This page is dedicated to listing and comparing various bookmaker signup bonuses and other betting promotions, so you can have a place to easily reference the best betting offers out there. We will also look into how these bonuses work, and what to watch out for when checking these out.

Betting Site Welcome Bonus – How important is it?

Firstly, these types of bonuses are always a consideration with bookmaker ratings. As such, we regularly go deeper into them in our bookmaker reviews. How important this one factor is when compared to all others, however, is entirely up to you. If you want to find out more about other parts of a bookie’s service that we consider, take a look at our bookmakers page where we go into more detail.

Now, in the long run, making sure that a bookie has competitive odds and a reasonable bookmaker margin is more important for betting profits than a singup bonus. However, there are other types of sports betting bonuses out there that can tip the balance into one bookie’s favour over others. Besides that, if the overall service of two different bookmakers is more-or-less the same on all other fronts – the first deposit bonus might as well be what you can base your final decision on.

Types of Bookmaker Welcome Bonus

We’ll now take a look at just how these sportsbook bonus-type deals work.

For starters, we’d like to note that, with the number of online betting sites out there, it can be hard to list and explain all of the possible bookmaker promotions individually. Simply put, there are too many possibilities out there for one short article, and the best betting sites often have their own, innovative ideas on how to approach the subject.

Instead, we’ll take a look at some common terminology often used with new customer betting offers and for other types of betting site promotions. This will help you more easily understand just what a bookie is offering

Free Bet

You will notice this term getting thrown around a lot. Is very common to see not just with first deposit free bet bonuses, but also on other such promotions. Depending on the time of the season, for example, you might come across these offers for special events and other purposes like freebet Premier League betting offers for example.

So what are they? Well, they generally function as a sort of credit to be used with a specific bookmaker that has given them to you. They can be used to place bets without actually risking your own money. For instance, you can use £10 in free bets that could act as if you had a £10 stake in a given wager, which would be multiplied by the odds. You would still take any potential winnings, but with no risk of losing anything.

If that sounds a bit too good, it’s usually because it is. Firstly, even the best bookmakers are not exactly generous with these. You’re probably not going to see them outside of welcome bonuses.

Secondly, this free “stake” is not returned i.e. you only get the profit from the bet, not the initial £10 stake. There are examples in the past where this was not the case, but even top bookmakers in 2020 rarely allow this.

Furthermore, they are often subject to their own set of rules on how they can be used. For example, free bets can only be used if the odds are longer than a certain number. Also, users are rarely allowed to split and use free bets asthey see fit, there’s usually a minimum stake requirement.

Bet Refunds

Sometimes, bookmakers offer risk-free bets as an incentive. In many ways, these function a lot like free bet offers.  It just simply means that, in case your be loses, your stake will be returned to you. Bet refunds are often offered to existing customers, although there are some cases where they are given as a betting site signup incentive.

First Deposit Bonus

This term can be used to describe several different welcome bonuses, but they generally follow very similar principles.

Not even the best betting sites just give out free betting offers to anyone who asks for them. You are generally required to show that you fully intend to spend money on their services. As such, an online bookie welcome bonus is usually given after you’ve made your first deposit with the betting site in question.

First deposit bonuses can take several forms. The most common one these days is as a percentage of that first deposit. So, for example, if your first deposit is £50, and the signup bonus is 50%, you will get £25 worth of free bets as a bonus. These usually have a limit to how high they can be – say, your bonus cannot be higher than £100, regardless of how big your initial payment was.

Other times, this bonus is fixed, but with a minimum deposit requirement. For example, a betting site can give out a £10 bonus to first deposits higher than £20

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus works much like the first deposit bonus, only it’s given to existing customers to reward them for staying on and keep them interested.  For example, your first deposit in every month can be boosted with a 50% reload bonus.

How To Find the Best Bookmaker Bonuses?

Answering this question is the reason this page – and indeed – exists at all.

We’ve scoured the internet to make sure you can find the best signup bonus offers and best free bets out there. Make sure to keep chacking back with us for the most attractive sports betting offers, regardless of if you’re a football betting expert or a newbie looking for the best new betting site.