Best Betting Sites

Not sure which online bookmaker is the right one for you? You’ve come to the right place.

In our attempts to bring you the most reliable information about online betting, we constantly provide reviews and comparisons of both new bookmakers and the tried-and-true old guard. Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of insight into what makes a bookmaker good, as well as what the current state of the industry is. As such, we know exactly how to rate any sportsbook offer.

We’ll give pretty much any legitimate betting site a shot – however, there are always those bookies that are a cut above the competition. Some bookies simply stand out, whether it is through excellent service, innovation, or by simply outdoing the competition with great odds and low margins.

This page is dedicated to such online bookmakers. Naming a single site as the absolute best would be dishonest – that sort of judgement call depends on the user as much as the company. Instead, here is a list of what we would call the world’s top-rated betting sites.

Which is the Best Betting Site?

This is a loaded question for many reasons, not the least of it being that it depends on your personal preference. So that would be our number one tip for selecting the best online bookmaker for you: know your priorities. What you find important could wildly impact which bookie’s betting offer you find more attractive.

That being said, there are certain universal traits we feel are the hallmarks of top bookmakers. Some conditions that need to be fulfilled before a betting site will ever have a chance on appearing on this list. We’ll go through some of them, and you can be sure all of the sites we mentioned above check all of these boxes.

In this article, we’ll be discussing things that specifically make them stand out and join our best bookmakers list. If you’re more interested in all of the individual factors which we examine in our reviews, you can check them out on our bookmakers page.

Customers are a Priority

We’re fully aware that the objective of any business is to make money. That’s a simple fact, and we’ll never give a bookie a hard time for simply wanting to increase their bottom line. However, this goal should never be pursued at the expense of their customer base.

What we mean is that in the online sports betting business, it is not unheard of to witness some shady practices. We’re not just talking about bookies refusing payouts here: some decisions even the best online bookmakers have made in the past went against the best interests of their loyal customers, sometimes coming off as simply incompetent, sometimes being downright exploitative and predatory.

A good betting site in 2020 is not only free of such practices, but has a completely clean track record in terms of other scandals like privacy breaches that have plagued major gambling companies in the past. These characteristics often go hand in hand with responsive customer support staff.

We’ll not even include things like proper licensing and security – these are a basic requirement for all legit betting sites, let alone the best ones.

Innovation and Growth

When you go through a lot of quality betting sites as we do, after a while they all start looking the same. You end up with a bunch of websites that have all the makings of a great bookmaker, but there’s nothing there to really latch on to. A top betting site is not content to just compare alright to the competition – they need to give a reason to punters to turn away from other major brands and chose this website specifically.

That’s where innovation comes in. Some of the sites you’ll find on our best online bookie list changed the world of online punting forever. For example, live betting is nowadays a given for any serious betting site – but it used to just be another special feature for a single bookmaker.

Similarly, mobile betting is becoming more and more prominent with each year. A bookmaker specialising in this area, for example, could really benefit from a relatively untapped market. Other features such as so-called bet builders keep popping up all the time, and paying close attention to these could show you the future of online betting.

Another field in which we’ve seen great strides made is a sort of customer education. For example, some betting platforms use their sites to host a small betting academy, showing newbie punters the ropes with the basics of betting markets and betting theory.

We find this aspect to be especially important for new betting sites. For more details, please visit BetInfo’s New Bookmakers page.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the best part about sports betting is managing to win some cash. When using a top-rated bookmaker, winning money needs to feel like it’s because of their service, not in spite of it.

To that end, a bookie must have competitive odds. Most experienced punters consider odds to be the single most important factor in determining how much you can profit with any bookmaker. There is truth to that, but it’s not the whole story.

We find that the best bookies cater either to all customers or closely specialise in one field or another.

Sure, football betting is the bread and butter of any online sportsbook, and we’re fully aware that Champions League and Premier League betting will be enough to satisfy most users. The best UK betting sites do often focus on such offers. But only the best go above and beyond, and follow the latest industry trends such as eSports and other niche markets.

Another factor that can impact your earnings in a major way are incentives such as sportsbook bonusesand betting promotions. A smart betting company keeps developing ways to spice things up, and may include things such as mobile bonuses, a reload bonus, cash-out features, even loyalty programs.

These can turn decent, if uninteresting bets into the best betting offers around.