Over/under meaning in sports betting

Are you bored just betting on who wins the game every time? Change it and bet on the total amount instead. This type of bet, also known as over / under betting, is available for almost any sport imaginable: baseball, basketball, football and hockey, just to name a few.

Most football bets are distributed on the point spread. Many players, however, miss the opportunity to earn some decent money with another, less common type of bet: the over / under bet, also known as the football grand total.

By effectively employing the over or under betting strategy, you can beat the house. What are football totals and how do you earn money with them? This guide answers these and other questions.

Over under Betting Strategy

This is a renowned betting strategy that focuses on the number of goals that will be scored at a game.

How does betting strategy of Over Under betting work?

This is a good example of the strategy at a football game

Chelsea plays against Arsenal. Bookmakers offer odds of whether the result of a match is more than 2.5 goals (for examples, 3 or more goals) or less than 2.5 goals scored (2 or fewer goals).

If you bet the game over 2.5 goals and the result was above 3 goals, you win. If the result of the match was 2 goals or less, you have lost the bet.

If you think that it will be a showcase with many points, you bet over. If you believe that the defenses will weaken and no one will score a goal, put them on the lower limit.

 Which Sports Can I employ this Betting Strategy?

You can employ this strategy on a lot of games. They include the following;

-A rugby game,

-A football game,

– The number of goals scored in a hockey game

– A basketball game,

-A tennis game, etc.

Think like a pro

You should analyze all scores individually rather than averages.

While averages on large samples may be helpful, it is generally best to track individual incidents.

Check goals scored by your teams because it allows more accurate conclusions. Even if the average total goal rate of a team is 3 goals per game, occurrence can be low.

Benefits of Over/under Betting

It is well suited for recreational bettors who want both teams to win. Are you one of those people who want everyone to score and be happy? The over bet is for you.

Betting over makes you to encourage both teams to score every minute of the game. Personally, I find the over bet to be the best option to cheer both teams playing.


For those of you who want to seriously bet and earn some money, the extra betting flexibility of the over / under bet is great.

If you have a game play estimate, but are not sure who will win, you can take advantage of it now. With this bet, you will be able to bet on game flow predictions.